Join us in the Courtyard in June for our major JADA – Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award – fundraiser.

Get your tastebuds tingling with this teaser from last years’ Soup Day, as reported by the Daily Examiner.

THERE may have been some influences from far across the seas, but it was the people of the Clarence Valley who made the annual Friends of the Grafton Gallery soup day a success.

Tasting such soups as French-inspired pea-and ham creations, Italian minestrones, to some more adventurous creations including a Clarence inspired tomato meal, more than 100 people filled the courtyard of the gallery to support one of the gallery’s biggest showpieces.

“This is our major fundraiser to support the prize money for the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award,” president of FOGG Heather Brown said.

Eight soups were on offer, and whether they were made at home by special guest chef Julie Hutchings with a curry pumpkin creation, or by local food-houses such as Heart and Soul wholefood cafe, and the Treetops at the Village Green, whose take on a mushroom soup was a smash, there were many going back for three or four helpings.

Added to this was an extensive range of artisanal breads from Geoff Crispin threw up some interesting tastes, including a specially made sourdough created over the past month, or a “brave” Ethiopian “Injera” flatbread.

Ms Brown said she couldn’t have asked for better day for the event.

“I’d really love to say thank you for all the people who came here for their support and kind words for their strength in wanting to support this gallery, because they see it as an icon of the Clarence,” she said.

“We’ve had a wonderful afternoon, magical conditions and we feel positive it might be a really good omen for the gallery next year.”

Well, next year is here and it’s time to book your ticket to a wonderful day out. Call the gallery on 66 423 177 to reserve your place at the table.